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David here, you may be getting fed up with my technical posts.  But I am afraid there’s a lot that you need to know.  In my defence – I didn’t make the rules!

Below is the UK government advice on making Import Customs Declarations.  It confidently tells you that you may make your own declarations, which is true. 

Here’s a list of what you would need:

  • You would need specialist software, which comes at a cost
  • You would need specialist IT links, which comes at a price
  • You would need specialist staff, who like everyone expect to be paid for their knowledge
  • You would need an extensive knowledge of the Customs Tariff and procedures
  • You would spend time and money that you could put to better use

Alternatively, you could select to employ the services of an industry specialist customs broker.  Hellmann Worldwide has its own in-house team of customs entry experts who will be more than happy to help.  Please be aware that the law means you are always the party with primary liability to customs for declarations, but such service providers exist to help you get things right.

UK Government advice to traders is reproduced below:

It is possible to make your own customs declarations. This is done by completing a Single Administrative Document (SAD), form C88.

SADs can be submitted electronically using the Customs Declaration Service.

To complete a SAD successfully, you will need the information gained from the previous steps.

You can read guidance on how to complete a customs declaration by clicking on the blue text.


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