Trade Agreement with Chile Announced

Thursday 31st January 2019 and hello from David.

Hello, it’s David again!

The UK and Chile have signed an agreement for preferential trade and services to continue between the two countries post-Brexit unaltered. This follows on the back of a similar agreement at the end of 2018 with Switzerland. This announcement interestingly refers to a number of other agreements to be announced in the coming weeks and to the UK’s continued negotiation for membership of the CPTPP.
This is a trading block comprising numerous Pacific Rim countries.

For me, the timing of these announcements and their increase in pace is piling pressure on the EU and demonstrating the UK’s Brexit preparedness in terms of alternative markets. Essentially saying to the EU ‘who needs you?’.

It looks like we will all be drinking Chilean wine from now onwards. Imaging the reaction in France!


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