It’s Getting Close Now

Hello, it’s Stephen here again.

Who would have thought that at this stage with only 54 days left until the 29th March we could still be looking at the possibility of leaving the EU with a ‘No Deal’ or at least something very similar. Although the government has stated that this will not happen, I am somewhat sceptical considering what they have told us in the last two and a half years or so.

So, if that is the case there are still not too many viable options remaining, which to me means that whatever the outcome there is every possibility that some form of customs declaration will need to be completed, either by the importer themselves or by a customs clearance agent / broker. Every week that goes by we are receiving more and more enquiries from both existing customers and general enquiries wanting to know what they can do or how we can assist with Brexit preparations.

Therefore at Hellmann UK, we are continuing to plough forward with our plans that will ready us and you for what lies ahead.

Some of you may already be aware that over the last few months we have been making available various pieces of government information along with our own guidelines as to how you should get ready for a ‘no deal’ scenario.  Please click here to read our latest offering ‘Import Customer Brexit Pack’ which is currently being distributed to our existing customers.

Please allow some time to have a look through as I am sure it will be of some help.

The link to the GOV EORI website is also on these forms just in case you haven’t heeded David Woodcock’s many warnings to do so!


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