Brexit Update

Our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has met again this week with the EU in an endeavour to break the deadlock on finding a deal. The EU has once again indicated that they are not prepared to move on the deal which has previously been ‘agreed’. Our Prime Minister is still however attempting to find a way to change the details of the Ireland / Backstop issue, hoping to make it acceptable to both the EU the UK parliament to which end she is visiting the Irish Premier today to try and shift his position. Without a change to the current deadlock – we move closer to Brexit without an agreement. Therefore a ‘Managed No Deal’ or the fear of a hard Brexit ‘No Deal’ scenario on 29th March 2019 is looking more and more likely. There is a possible option to delay Brexit but both sides have yet to propose this. Furthermore, the EU will hold Elections in May and no doubt would want Brexit resolved beforehand.

The time has passed whereby a second referendum or a general election could be viable options. There is now a noticeable change in attitude and urgency from many companies and our competitors. Plans are being formulated and implementation has started on the assumption that a ‘no deal’ is now a real possibility and the potential disruptions to trade which will inevitably occur because of it. Those who are most vocal being , but not limited to , The EU , the UK Government, UK Customs & Excise , Major organisations such as Barclays Bank, Airbus, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Ferry organisations, Port Authorities including, Calais, Boulogne, Felixstowe and Dover, Institutions such as Road Haulage Association, British Freight Association and Institute of Directors.

Andy Connor

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