Export Licences

David here again and moving on to some export related items, now.

Some goods intended for export may need official written governmental permission to export.  The required document is called an ‘Export Licence’.  These come in many types as various government departments control such matters, depending on the type of goods in question.  There is a wide range of goods that may need a licence.  It’s not just Class A drugs, military goods and CITES endangered species we are talking about here, but a rather broader spectrum of goods.  As an exporter, you are legally responsible for checking if your goods are subject to such controls.  Penalties for getting licence requirements wrong are severe.

Things to consider are:

  • What the goods are
  • Where the goods are going
  • To what use the goods will be put
  • Whether trade activities are licensed

Caution needs to be exercised here.  You may consider your goods are harmless, but think about all uses to which they might be put.  An export of steel pipes ‘for drainage’ to Libya some decades ago landed the UK exporter in very hot water when it was pointed out the same pipes could be used to build the barrel of a ‘super gun’ capable of launching missiles against other states.

From HMG:

Goods that are restricted range from agricultural products to military goods.

You can read more information at: gov.uk/guidance/export-military-or-dual-use-goods-services-or-technology-special-rules



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