Customs Import Declarations

Hello all,

Following on from David’s latest blogs recommending that you speak with a Customs Specialist Broker / Freight Forwarding agent to complete your declarations.

Obviously, HMRC have advised that it would be possible, in some circumstances for traders to complete their own but this could get quite involved and there are certain risks involved too for making false/incorrect declarations. This may result in paying the wrong amount of duties to Customs, which may lead to various penalties. So really the easiest and probably the most cost-effective way for most ‘small to medium enterprises’ is to employ the services of a professional.

However, in the case of a ‘no deal’ scenario, you do choose to go down the route of completing your own import declarations, I have attached an example of a typical entry and highlighted some of the main boxes that you need to pay particular attention to. Please note this is just a standard home use entry with one commodity code – next time we will look at the more complex entries and codes.

Most of the consignment/goods information will be taken from the commercial invoice. Please follow this link to the European Commission website to find out more about what you can expect to see on that invoice.

Please click here to view an example of a customs import declaration.

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