Exports – Customs Procedure Codes [CPCs]

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A number of the things you will need to understand for export Customs declarations mirror some of the requirements for imports.  These were already published in earlier blogs, but are repeated now for your ease of reference.  There are four of these topics which work similarly, be it import or export:

  • EORI registration
  • Classification – ‘commodity codes’
  • Customs Procedure Codes [CPCs]
  • Record keeping

To keep my posts to small and digestible sizes, I will deal with these one at a time.

Exports – Customs Procedure Codes [CPCs] 

As with imports, your export declarations will be required by HMR&C to state a ‘Customs Procedure Code’ or ‘CPC’ for short.

Put simply, this code tells customs what is happening to the goods.  For example, a permanent export or a temporary export.  Perhaps your goods are going for processing or repair.  There are hundreds of choices.  In some cases use of specific CPCs may require special authorisation from Customs which must be obtained before the goods are exported.

The topic of CPCs is a complicated one; we strongly suggest you take advice from Customs or your friendly freight forwarder / Customs broker.

Click on the link for a flavour of the complexity involved: uk-customs-tariff.com/vol3uk-customs-tariff.com/vol3Frameset.htm


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