Exports – The National Export System – ‘NES’

Hi – David here,

The government has released advice on what you will need to do to satisfy export customs clearance requirements.

One step of this advice is somewhat optimistically titled ‘register for the National Export System’.  The NES is the computer system used to raise export declarations to HM Revenue and Customs.  You may, of course, raise your own declarations – some exporters already do this.  But if you have no knowledge of customs matters, all we can do is wish you luck.  Complicated and opaque would be the words I’d use.  Customs seem to have the knack of using more unintelligible language.  The members of the campaign for plain English which raged in the 1980s would be spinning in their graves if they could see some the related export ‘advice’.

The NES document is only half the story – bet they won’t tell you that.  Most goods will probably also require a transit document under the NCTS system.  This requires a UCC CCG – a type of guarantee.  Lost already?  I don’t blame you.

May I suggest speaking to your friendly freight forwarder or Customs clearance specialist and letting them assist?  Horses for courses…

If you are feeling brave, please click here for the government’s advice – they make it sound so straight forward!

You must use the HMRC WEX application form, PA7 to apply for a CHIEF badge for all three direct routes into CHIEF.

Click on the blue text for a full list of what is required in an export invoice.

Section 19 of Notice 275 provides an overview of what data is required for Full and Simplified Export Declarations.

By the way – a note to the wise.  Beware the word ‘Simplified’ or ‘Simplifications’  what custom’s mean is simple for them.  Hard for you.  Another little gem they like to keep close to their chest.  I am sure they believe that if they repeat something often enough that it becomes true.


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