Exports – Supporting Documents

Hi – David here with more on exports,


This one is simple – something customs related that is easy!

Your exports will need supporting documentation.  All they have managed to say is:

The relevant documents must accompany the goods to the port of exit.

In practice, this means the commercial invoice and if needed, the export licence .

Of course, the hard bit is producing your ‘NES’ export declaration which these documents support in the first place.

The even harder bit is raising the transit document.  Please see my earlier post titled ‘Exports – The National Export System – ‘NES’ for further explanation.

Please remember, whether you use a clearance agent or forwarder to raise export documents for you or if you get brave, plenty of pre-advice to your transporter is essential.  Time will be needed to tie up documents, raise NES declarations and complete transit documentation.


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