In control of our own destiny

Some time has passed since my last blog. I was away on holiday, although there appears to be little time for pausing for followers of the Brexit debate.  I came back from a week of roaming the untamed moors of North Yorkshire only to discover that a whole new ‘sort of political party’ had appeared in the middle ground of British politics.   The new party claims to provide the British people with a middle ground of some sorts in opposition to the extremes of the left dominated Labour party and the right dominated Conservatives.  I assumed wrongly as it turns out that this was the Liberal party – I guess Vince Cable will be a bit miffed – he is still leader isn’t he?

This new party; The Independent Group (TIG) has already claimed eight Labour MP’s and three Conservative MP’s with allegedly more keen to join if their leaders don’t do something soon.  I’m not quite sure what that ‘something’ is, but I am sure it is significant.  The new party members were seen celebrating at Nando’s to prove they were ‘down with the people’.  Chukka Umunna is widely tipped to be the new group’s leader.  Given the new groups name and lack of party status, I think I might refer to them as the ‘Singletons’ with Chukka as ‘The Singularity’.

The new party appears already to have ruffled feathers with both Theresa the Bruce and Comrade One reacting to its creation.  The Labour leader has now announced that actually he will campaign on the policy of a second referendum, although he has carefully avoided saying exactly what that referendum would be on.  Furthermore, it would only apply after Theresa the Bruce’s deal is defeated in parliament in her announced next vote likely to take place tomorrow (12th March).

Theresa the Bruce also had to act after ‘The Singletons’ appeared, but she allegedly reacted due to the statements by six cabinet ministers, including Amber Rudd who threatened to resign if she did not provide a vote on a ‘No Deal’, if her own deal failed again in parliament.  Subsequently the Prime Minister has stated that there will be a vote in parliament on a ‘No Deal’ or an extension to the Article 50 date directly after the vote on her deal if that is not successful.

Does this give us any definite answers, don’t be silly!  In reality we already know that she is likely to lose her deal, the options beyond that loss are clear – a ‘No Deal’ in some form, or an extension.  As nobody in parliament supposedly wants a ‘No Deal’ then presumably an extension will be required.  That looks fairly straightforward and even unified, but how do you get an extension?  Well you have to go to Brussels and ask them for one. Unfortunately having a parliament that has more views than a Labour party conference is not a justifiable reason for an extension.  Europe on facing its own cliff edge may allow for an incredibly limited extension, perhaps six weeks but is unlikely to allow more as it has its own elections in May which would be substantially effected by any extension beyond this.

So now we have an extension and what do we do with it? Not sure? So we are no further forward than we were and we know no more than we did a year or two ago.  At least we are in control of our own density (I mean ‘destiny’).


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