Documentation requirements for exports to the EU27 post-Brexit

Hello its David here.

On speaking to our EU27 Partners, it has become evident that in some circumstances,  additional official documentation may be required in EU27 member states to confirm that UK exported products are approved for EU27 home markets.  This would be in the event of a no deal Brexit and only where certain standards would not be the subject of a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ between the UK and the EU27. 

A recent example which came to light was selling toys in Italy.  There is a need for certification in Italy evidencing that such products are suitable for children and will cause no harm.  Such certification is not cheap to obtain and is extra to what would be the usual Customs Clearance operations and costs.

We would hope that in the case of a ‘managed no deal’, this would lead to a common sense approach, creating a trading environment in which the UK and the EU27 agree to recognise each other’s standards.  This would make such certification unnecessary and be in both sides’ best interests.  However, this cannot be guaranteed. 

It appears that some local requirements in EU27 member states are currently not obvious since existing overriding EU laws effectively hide these from plain sight.  The way to drill into this is to ask your local representatives in each country what special requirements may be needed in the event of a no deal Brexit, product by product.


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