Wednesday 4th December, 2018 and still to the best of our knowledge…

Hello again, this is David, the technical bore.

I hope you had a chance to read my recent post.  In particular, I’d like to be tiresome by reminding you about applying for your EORI – my apologies for labouring the point.  EORI is essential in a ‘no deal’ environment.  You will not be able to trade with the EU without an EORI registration.  This has been reiterated in a fresh batch of government papers released today.  This latest information could be read that an EORI might be needed, whether or not a deal is finally agreed.  Details are repeated for your convenience below under ‘immediate action required’.


Hot off the press – published today – and for your undoubted enjoyment:

Guaranteed no sleeping pills required.  However, there is important information contained within – so please visit and read this.  In particular the checklist at:

Get software or an agent to make declarations’ is an odd thing to say.  You are of course most welcome to get software and make your own declarations.  But first consider you will need to understand the underpinning Customs law, read and digest 1,300 pages plus of the Customs tariff, plus the many hundreds of Customs notices [often each in excess of a hundred pages], have a firm grasp of Customs systems and procedures, pay and wait for Customs software, electronic links via Community Service Providers, obtain ‘badges’ at a fee…and on it goes.  Or you could just talk to a Customs clearance agent or freight forwarder and have all this taken care of for you at a modest fee, your choice.

Immediate action required:  if you trade goods with the EU, we advise you apply to HMR&C now for EORI registration, which hopefully will be before an anticipated big rush.  In the event of a no deal scenario, you will need an EORI number to support export and import Customs declarations.  Don’t worry – this application is actually quite straightforward.  Usually Customs complete the process in a few days.  When the rush starts, this of course could take much longer.  Start at:

After Brexit, remember your EORI

We want you to know it is mandatory

It’s a system you can’t buck

Without it you’ll be stuck

And Customs clearance will be a sorry story




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