Trade deal with South Korea

Hello, its David here.

Despite Brexit having gone quiet in the last couple of months, there is clearly activity behind the scenes.

Following earlier announcements about post-Brexit trade deals, information has been released about a deal between South Korea and the UK.

The deal seeks to continue existing trade arrangements between the two nations following Brexit.  In particular, this will be good news for the automotive and whisky industries, both of which have strong exports to South Korea.

More information about countries and trading blocs with which the UK has already agreed trade deals can be found at

The number of countries to strike a free trade deal with the UK can be seen to have sharply increased – to thirty at last count – and more are said to be close to an agreement.  It should be noted that the new deals when they take effect may not be entirely the same as the current EU deals which they will replace.

The UK has also signed ‘mutual recognition agreements’ with Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  These are agreements to recognise each other’s standards.

These continued developments should be a pointer to us all not to take our foot off the pedal in our Brexit preparations.


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