It’s the holiday season!

Hooray – it’s the holiday season!  We can all forget our woes and fly off to sunny Spain where we eat egg and chips in a place we don’t normally eat egg and chips (does anyone actually eat egg and chips anymore?).  We can forget about all of our day to day problems and soak up the sun, maybe for the last summer, before we need to wade our way through loads of layers of red tape to enjoy it in the future.  Summer is the time for us to forget our cares and woes, stop worrying about all that Brexit malarkey or the fact that the pound has plummeted against the Dollar and the Euro.  It is a time to recuperate and prepare ourselves for the long haul through peak up until the next great seasonal festival of Christmas. 

Unfortunately, this year if you do forget about all your cares and woes, when you get back from the summer silly season you will be only 48 working days away from the next Brexit deadline.  Let’s face it, if you try and put it to the back of your mind through the holidays, everything you see whilst in Europe is going to just remind you of the changes afoot.  I see two options therefore, either holiday somewhere outside Europe, away from the TV or

START THINKING ABOUT BREXIT NOW so that you don’t worry about it on your holidays.

Get your hares running so that whilst you relax drinking your Piña Colada with the sand in your toes, you at least know that things are not just being idle; instead preparations are in progress in your absence.

We would all hope to look to the new Prime Minister for leadership and guidance in this difficult area.   I am sure that you would agree with me that whether it is ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ or ‘The Fox’ who finally take the stage to this ultimate lead role, they will swiftly get the Brexit subject sorted out, get things all shipshape and Bristol Fashion so that none of us have to worry about it anymore. 

Just in case parliament go on their hols for six weeks (during the usual summer recess) and come back to their ‘conference season’ without any advancement with Brexit negotiations, I think it may be prudent for you to consider the impact of Brexit. It is likely that Brexit will have a huge impact on you and your organisation.  Particularly in the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario, which is still very feasible.  Don’t delay, start preparing for Brexit now!


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