Delayed Brexit and Easements

Hello its David here

Easements are the temporary relaxations of regulations the Government has said will be employed post -Brexit to smooth the change.   At Hellmann we have been asked a number of times recently what the delay to Brexit means to the ‘easements’ announced earlier this year.  The short answer is we don’t know for sure. 

At a recent meeting with BIFA, a representative from Customs said they are working on the assumption that easements will commence on 1st November and the period of their validity announced originally will run from that date.  This includes the six months allowed for the submission of the first TSP entries and the twelve months for the temporary import Customs duty rates – 87% of which will be 0%.

However, the officer did caveat this by stating that the new cabinet might come up with something completely different.  But for now, it seems we can only work to the same assumption that the clock will be reset.


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