Brexit – Importing goods through Dover and Eurotunnel on ‘T’ Forms

Dover harbour port open for transportation across Europe from kent

Hello, its David here again,

Previous blogs have given information on Transitional Simplified Procedures [TSP].  We have pointed out a significant weakness with TSP – the discharge of ‘T’ Forms.  The T form guarantees the transit of the goods to Customs’ authorities in the countries of origin, transit and destination.  It is thought by both the UK & EU governments that T Forms will be required to move goods between the UK & the EU after Brexit.  Current legislation requires the discharge of the T Form at either a port or at an approved inland location.  If unchanged, for many loads this would mean significant delays when the import truck arrives at the port of arrival or non-sensical additional mileage, delays and cost by transiting an approved inland location.

The government has recently released new information which suggests that in the event of queues in Dover, import trucks would be diverted to Manston Airport Airport (near Ramsgate) – where we assume the T Form will be discharged.  For Eurotunnel imports, a new facility has been opened at Ashford, where again it is suggested T Forms will be discharged.  The release is unclearly worded (deliberately?) and can be found at:

If our reading of this is correct, TSP might actually have a chance of working, at least via Dover and Eurotunnel.  There is no official word on how T Forms will be discharged at other Ro-Ro locations – we can only assume the shipping line will need to run the T Forms to the local Customs house for discharge.


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