Reminder – Transitional Simplified Procedures


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We feel that another reminder is in order – mainly because we are astounded by the sheer volume of enquiries we are still receiving about getting Brexit-ready even at this late stage.

If you import from the EU and have not already been automatically registered by HMRC for TSP, I would strongly urge you to do so as soon as you can. New easements from the authorities have now made it probable that TSP will now work as per David’s earlier blog.

‘Brexit – Importing goods through Dover and Eurotunnel on ‘T’ Forms’

These additional sites that UK inbound drivers can now report to will now ‘apparently’ negate the need for the T forms to have to be discharged at the port, therefore, alleviating the need to queue at either Dover western docks or STOP24 for the Chanel Tunnel traffic.

However, port clearances are favoured if all details are available in advance and traffic flow allows. This way the entry and discharge of the T form can be done at the same time, avoiding the build-up of TSP entries that initially can be cleared up to 6 months after arrival.

The best way forward is to register for TSP then you would have the option of either port clearance on arrival or TSP if the ports were congested.


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