Brexit – things are on the move, at last!

Hello, its David here,

Shock news! Surprised, flabbergasted and dumfounded as this leaves us, announcements are finally being received from the UK government telling us all that will happen and when.

It is almost as if they think we need time to activate our long hatched plans t be ready for the massive upturn in demand for Customs declarations for UK-EU-UK trade from 1.1.21.

In language about as clear as the government will ever employ, letters have been sent to UK businesses stating:

1. Customs entries for UK-EU-UK trade will be required.

2. These entries will commence from 1.1.21.

3. Almost in so many words, ‘now is the time to appoint yourself a Customs clearance specialist to act for you. Unless you are excessively brave and want to have a stab at this yourself. 

Not for the faint of heart, I assure you. 

For Northern Ireland, the message seems to be ‘we’ll let you know’. Why am I not surprised?

If you ‘binned’ the letters without further ceremony, scoffing at their content, please think again. Three and a half plus years in and the message is one of true significance. Whatever you do, please do not underestimate the importance of the contents.

If you have not received these letters, please visit:

The Brexit team at Hellmann Worldwide stands ready to assist with your enquiries. You can reach us at:


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