Brexit – things on the move, at last – stop press!

There’s more…!!!

Hello, its David here,

Still in shock that the government appears to be nailing its colours to the mast, what happens but another significant Brexit release.  Are they like London buses?

Now The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP is at it, in person.  It’s almost as if they mean it – and that we should take noticed and do something.

If you haven’t seen this one, we implore you to read it:

The message could not be clearer.  In terms of the diplomatic language prevalent in such notices, this one translates to a muscular call for action in the vernacular.  And some words too rude to include in a public forum.  A few excerpts with translations for your consideration:

‘…traders in the EU and GB will have to submit customs declarations and be liable to goods’ checks’   =  get yourselves ready, you need a Customs agent to act for you;

‘…the policy easements put in place for a potential no-deal exit will not be reintroduced as businesses have time to prepare.’   = get yourself a Customs agent now;

‘…to ensure we treat all partners equally as we begin to negotiate our trading arrangements with countries around the world’

= we don’t care what the EU thinks, it isn’t getting any special treatment = you need a Customs agent to represent you

‘…to collect the right customs, VAT and excise duties’   = you need to think about the impact of taxes on your trade with the EU27

‘…the EU has said it will enforce checks on our goods entering the Eurozone. We will likewise enforce our own rules for goods entering the UK’   = your EU27 supplier/client will need a Customs agent, too

‘…and also looking into how they want to make declarations such as using a customs agent.’  = appoint a Customs agent to act for you

‘…we will have to be ready for the customs procedures and regulatory checks that will inevitably follow.’   = appoint a Customs agent to act for you now

The repetitious nature of the message is unmissable. 

The Brexit team at Hellmann Worldwide continues to stand ready to assist with your enquiries.

You can reach us at:

A closing thought.

As ever, the unsubtle hint of the inscrutable – there is no definition of the ‘policy easements’ being dropped.

Several measures could be said to be in this category – TSP, the 87% of products entitled to pay a rate of duty of 0% for the first year, the systems announced to ease the flow of trucks through RoRo ports.  But there is no definitive description of what easements covers, so we are again in the dark.


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