Brexit – The UK Global Tariff

Hello, its David here,

I hope you remain safe and well in these troubling times.

For obvious reasons, Covid-19 has pushed the subject of Brexit to the back pages. However, please don’t be fooled – Brexit is still very much ‘on’ for 1.1.21. 

Time is shorter by the day. 

Recent governmental activities underline this:

· The announcement of the creation of ‘Customs academies’

· The continued negotiations with the EU trying to reach a deal

· The Immigration Bill being debated currently

· The new ‘UK Global Tariff’

On the last of these, please allow me to refer you to:

H. M. Revenue & Customs has replaced the temporary UK tariff [published in 2019] with ‘The UK Global Tariff’.

This can be used to check what the duty rate will be on imported goods from 1st January 2021 when the transition period for leaving the EU ends.

There is also a useful link to a further government publication which lists countries with which the UK has done or is doing a trade deal. These deals will permit reduced or nil rates of import duty and in many cases reciprocal arrangements will be in place for UK exports.

Brexit is alive and kicking.  

Please note we continue to strongly recommend that you give serious thought to appointing a Customs specialist to complete your post 1.1.21 Customs declarations for you.

We urge you to not to leave this until it is too late. There is vastly insufficient capacity in the field of Customs clearance. In your interests, please act now.

The Brexit team at Hellmann UK stands ready to assist with your enquiries. You can reach us at


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