Brexit – why no recent technical posts?

Hello, David here.

You may be wondering why I have been silent recently.

I don’t want to put out posts too regularly in a rapidly changing environment for fear that this may lead to confusion and misinformation.

However, I can remain silent no longer.  We have had a number of people telling us that if a trade deal is reached between the EU and the UK there is no need for Customs declarations.  This is quite simply wrong.  The UK government has made it quite clear that the UK will leave the Customs Union, thus making Customs declarations unavoidable, irrespective of the outcome of the trade negotiations. 

Let me make this quite clear:

A trade deal merely sets the amount of taxes that are payable.  It does not change the need for Customs declarations.

The great worry here is that traders may be making a dangerous assumption that they do not need to prepare.  To take this path is to court disaster.

Speak to us now  You will regret not doing so.


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