Brexit Update

Tuesday 11th December, 2018 and still to the best of our knowledge…

Hello, it’s David with another thrilling instalment!

If you export to EU countries, please see:

If you import from EU countries, please see:

You will note a shared step in these guidelines: find out the commodity code of your goods.

In the trade, we call this ‘classification’. Customs have a big book with no pictures – a very, very big book.  They call it the Tariff.  Every type of product exported or imported is identified in the Tariff by a number. Choosing the right number to identify your goods is of paramount importance.  This number tells customs what the goods are, drives the correct taxes to be paid and defines the need or otherwise of a licence [written governmental permission to export or import the goods in question].  Get the number wrong and watch the grenade go off in your face! 

The bad news, Classification is your legal responsibility.  It doesn’t matter who is paying the transport and related costs.  It doesn’t matter that you may use a customs agent or freight forwarder to complete customs declarations on your behalf.  If it’s wrong, the tax is wrong and you may have also inadvertently broken the licensing laws.  Customs will knock – loudly – on your door.  They are not known for their light touch.  They can be quite hurtful.

We realise that you probably won’t be experts when it comes to the Tariff.  Why should you be?  Why should we want you to be?  We want you to focus on doing what you do best, selling your products.  The moreyou sell, the more we transport for you. We want to do the techie bits for you to free your hands for the moreimportant stuff.  But the law is the lawand you remain liable.

So let us help you get it right.  We cangive non-binding advice,  point you inwhat seems to be the ‘right’ direction. Let’s get this straight from the get go and avoid those uncomfortablemeetings with Her Majesty’s fine officers in the first place.

As a starting point, please visit the electronic version of the big, big book at:

The good news?  You can get help to classify your goods from customs by visiting:

You can also send them samples and get a binding ruling as to the correct number – particularly useful for regular repeat trade and where there is some doubt as to exact classification.  Don’t worry, we won’t ignore your cries for help!

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