What a Week!

Well, another week has gone by and without sounding like I am repeating myself, wow what a week in politics – I wish I was a journalist!

What does it mean though? I’d like to help out there, but unfortunately unless you have an outdated large blue police box to help you, predictions are generally redundant.  Even the bookies are calling the chances of a second referendum a flip of a coin either way.

So, that wish of British industry to have some certainty and stability appears not yet to have materialised. The pound plummeted to its 12 month low and the markets crashed after Theresa May announced that she was postponing the vote on her Brexit deal.

It would be fair to suggest that the Prime Minister has lost the confidence of a large proportion of her party in regards to her Brexitdeal.  In fact, there is probably more support for ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here’ in the Witchetty Grub community of Australia.  The Prime Minister could be compared to Lord Cardigan as he merrily led the 600 into the valley of death – the only difference is that Lord Cardigan still had more than half his troops left at the end of the day?  That the charge was a misguided and an impossible challenge against the odds is in no doubt. The bravery and reserve of the men involved has always been praised but the breakdown in communication and futility of the battle has come to be seen as the ultimate in unnecessarywaste for a lost cause.  Are thesimilarities still there I wonder?

Theresa May lost three votes in parliament in one day last week, a tally never previously reached in the chamber; furthermore, it appears that Corbyn was so nervous of looking like he was kicking her whilst she was down, that atPrime Minister’s questions on Wednesday, he didn’t even mention the Brexitsubject.  An opposition leader specifically not sticking the boot in at every opportunity is, yet again, unprecedented? 

Then the most astonishing move yet, Mrs May, still sticking to all her convictions, beliefs and whatever else she stands for, decided to pull the vote on her deal before tomorrow, because she had miraculously worked out that she was going to lose it.  Nothing gets past this lot in Downing Street so the clever money is that she has flown out to Brussels to try and re-negotiate the deal with the EU 27.  This does perhaps raise some concerns, I am sure last week the EU refused to renegotiate anything, and the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has reiterated that they will not do so, so surely that avenue looks shut.  But even if it was open, wouldn’t Mrs Maylook a little bit silly if she now did a better deal, when she categorically said previously that this was absolutely the best she could get!  You have to give it to the Prime Minister, she is a trier and as such I will start referring to her as Theresa the Bruce –maybe she has been watching spiders too?

The point though is what happens next?  As I write this we appear to be in temporal stasis, I honestly cannot see what is going to come next, the possibilities months.  I am starting to think though that the clever money is going on a certain, newly crowned, king of the jungle standing for PM, getting a landslide victory, at least we’ll only have to eat Kangaroo penis, crocodile anus, fish eyes and Jam Roly Poly, when the alternative could be frogs legs, snails, Bratwurst, Tapas and Pizza, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all?


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