Customs Clearance

Confused about Customs Clearance before and after Brexit? 

Here’s what we can do in a nutshell!

  • Full customs clearance cover at Lichfield and Dover office in the event of ‘No or Managed No Deal’
  • Non-binding advice on commodity code or tariff headings for your goods.
  • Access to our duty deferment account for payment of taxes to HMRC.
  • Authorisation forms.
  • Import and Export clearances.

With Brexit looming ever closer, all businesses that import or export goods understand the possible issues declaring goods to HMR&C that are on the horizon.  For example problems with the correct documents, licences, customs codes and software etc. – all of which can have a knock on effect with delivery times and ultimately impact on your customer service.

At Hellmann Worldwide Logistics we understand those issues and that is why we ensure that we have fully trained and experienced staff at all of our UK offices who will ensure the process of Customs clearance is taken care off in the correct manner.  This allows you and your business can take care of more important matters, i.e running your business without having to dedicate trained staff and resources to follow and complete all the relevant and complex customs declarations.

In the case of a `No Deal’ Brexit scenario, we intend to have 24/7 cover at our customs clearance offices in Lichfield and Dover so you can be sure that your goods will have a smooth passage through the customs network, giving you the peace of mind that your declarations are handled professionally.

Before we are able to undertake the clearance of your goods, it is of great importance that we have the required authorisations to complete the documentation on your behalf.  At Hellmann, our customer service team will make sure that you and your business know which documentation we will need to accomplish this task, while guiding you through the process.

Click on the blue text to download our Customer Import and Export pack containing the relevant information)

What we need from you.

  • Necessary authorisation to complete documentation on your behalf.
  • ‘Pre-advice’ such as supplier invoice, transit forms and certificates.*

*We cannot stress enough the importance of good, early pre-advice. Whilst we cannot guarantee that there will be no queues at UK ports post-Brexit, we can cut some of the waiting time by pre-lodging your entry with HMRC.

We are able to offer you a variety of clearance services including:

  When importing to the UK:

  • TSP Customs Clearance import declaration for all UK ports.
  • Additional to a TSP entry, Excise or restricted goods Simplified Frontier Declaration (within TSP) Customs Clearance import declaration.
  • Standard Customs Clearance imports declaration at Dover or Channel Tunnel.
  • Additional HS/Commodity codes for each declaration.
  • Standard Customs clearance imports declaration at other ports (extra to Dover or Channel Tunnel).
  • Use of Hellmann’s duty deferment account.
  • Inspection/examination at port/tunnel.

When exporting from the UK:

  • Standard Customs Clearance export declaration processed inland.
  • Standard Customs Clearance export declaration processed at port (Dover/Channel Tunnel and all UK ports).
  • T’ form (transit form) processed separate to the declaration.
  • Security declarations export from the UK.

Should you have any questions, need any further information regarding Import and Export procedures or just need some guidance and reassurance then please feel free to contact us either by commenting on the Hellmann Brexit Blog or using the dedicated clearance email contact: